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Mazda 323 Protege Owner’s Manual

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MAZDA 323/PROTEGE 1990-94 1.8L Eng REAR BUMPER Cont’d Man Trans E301-15-031 MAZDA 323/PROTEGE 1990-94 Auto Trans B660-15-031 Canada N.A. WAGON Cont’d 4 Caution Plate SECTION INDEX 1.6L Eng E563-15-201 1 Center BJ19-50-221 1.8L Eng A/C /HEATER/VENTILATION . 46 2 Outer.

Page 2: Side Marker Lamp, Front Lamps

MAZDA 323/PROTEGE 1990-94 ¶Harbor Blue listed, Order by Application GRILLE DV Bay Blue; DX Honey Blue; FZ Herbie Green; GU Shade Green; PZ Brilliant Black HATCHBACK SQ Blaze Red; SS Coral Red; UF Clear White; 1990-92 IH Steel Gray MC; IS Niagara Silver MC;.

MAZDA 323/PROTEGE 1990-94 HOOD Cont’d Man Trans B61W-15-210 Auto Trans BP05-15-210 BP26-15-210A 7 Blade, Fan 1.6L Eng Man Trans FEH5-15-140 Auto Trans B6S8-15-140A 1.8L Eng Man Trans B6S8-15-140A Auto Trans B61F-15-140 BP26-15-140A 8 Motor, Fan 1.6L Eng Man Trans B366-15-150B.

Page 4: Cruise Control System, Underhood Dimensions

MAZDA 323/PROTEGE 1990-94 1 Fender Assy 4 Bar, Lower Tie¶ B455-53-16XE Positive N.A. Hatchback R BR93-52-110B ¶Included w/Radiator Support Assy Negative N.A. L BR93-52-210C 5 Support, Hood Latch B455-53-35YA Sedan R B456-52-110B 6 Plate, Side Panel R B455-53-325B CRUISE CONTROL SYSTEM.

Page 5: Front Suspension

MAZDA 323/PROTEGE 1990-94 WHEEL Cont’d ALLOY WHEEL Cont’d ¶Included w/Wheel Assy 6 Cap, Wheel 13″ Wheels DX, SE Model B458-37-170A LX Model BB7E-37-170 14″ Wheels B459-37-170A 7 Cap, Hub B457-37-170A Stem, Valve 9963-60-4130 Nut, Lug Standard B002-37-160A Bright 0603-26-161A FRONT SUSPENSION L F024-25-600R-0H 1.8L Eng.

Page 6: Steering Pump

MAZDA 323/PROTEGE 1990-94 (b) Order by Application 8 Left 1 Wheel Assy, Steering B595-32-123 w/Cruise Control BR71-32-980B B528-32-123 w/o Cruise Control FRONT STEERING LINKAGE/GEAR Bracket, Mounting¶ Base, GT Model BR70-32-980B 9 Right Sport Model B456-32-980A MANUAL B456-32-134 2 Cover, Steering Wheel¶.

Page 7: Engine Mounts, Air Cleaner

MAZDA 323/PROTEGE 1990-94 B455-39-050B 1990-91 ENGINE Cont’d B455-39-050B 1.6L Eng B6Y5-20-600 Mount, Rear 1.8L Eng BPY1-20-600A 1.8L ENG Cont’d Man Trans B455-39-100E BP45-20-600B Auto Trans B599-39-100A 1992-95 SOHC Eng B6S7-11-401A 1.6L Eng B6Y5-20-600 DOHC Eng BP05-11-401 Man Trans B528-39-100B 1.8L Eng.

Page 8: Center Console, Instrument Panel, Wiper System

MAZDA 323/PROTEGE 1990-94 Hatchback Nozzle, Spray R/L N.A. Speaker, Radio-See Front Door Section Clear B467-63-901A Blue Tint COWL & DASH CENTER CONSOLE To 2-4-93 BR93-63-901A From 2-4-93 B469-63-901A Sedan Clear B457-63-901A Blue Tint B457-63-901A 2 Dam, Windshield 90-91 GT8T-50-894 92-95 B481-50-894.

Page 9: Rear Seat, Seat Belts

MAZDA 323/PROTEGE 1990-94 R BR70-53-660C 8 Knob, Adjuster¶ (a) R B001-88-081-65 ROCKER/PILLARS/FLOOR Cont’d L BR70-54-660B L B001-88-091-65 R/L BA1C-53-660C 9 Headrest¶ (a) Hatchback ROCKER/PILLARS Base, DX Model R/L BB7A-88-140-65 SEAT LX, SE Model R/L BB7H-88-140-65 HATCHBACK Cont’d Sedan Mldg, Inside Garnish.

MAZDA 323/PROTEGE 1990-94 FRONT DOOR SHEET METAL Shell Assy, Door Hatchback R BR93-58-020T L BR93-59-020T Sedan R BS06-58-020K L BS06-59-020K Panel, Door Repair¶ Hatchback R B468-58-030C L B468-59-030C Sedan R B455-58-031B L B455-59-031B ¶Included w/Door Shell Assy EXTERIOR TRIM Off Black.

MAZDA 323/PROTEGE 1990-94 Sedan 6 Bracket, Pull Handle FRONT DOOR Cont’d Clear R B455-58-511 LX Model R/L B110-68-525 L B455-59-511 HARDWARE Blue Tint R B457-58-511 HARDWARE Cont’d L B457-59-511 2 Channel Assy, Glass Manual R BR70-58-310A Hatchback R B467-58-60XA L BR70-59-310A.

Page 12: Overhead Console, Back Window

MAZDA 323/PROTEGE 1990-94 8 Rail, Roof Inner SUNROOF Hatchback R B467-70-050 L B467-71-050 Sedan R B455-70-050B L B455-71-050B INTERIOR TRIM HATCHBACK 1 Headliner Assy To 8-2-93 Gray BR94-68-030C-05 Gray/Taupe BR94-68-030C-34 From 8-2-93 1 Panel, Steel Sliding BR71-69-810A 2 W/Strip, Steel Panel.

Page 13: Quarter Panel

MAZDA 323/PROTEGE 1990-94 BACK WINDOW Cont’d L B467-68-260B-35 4 Panel Assy, Trim¶ Base Model R BR93-68-520E-65 6 Joint, Upper¶ R/L B455-50-615-6 L BR93-68-550E-65 7 Protector, Mldg¶ (a) R B455-50-6H6 SE Model L B455-50-6H7 w/25th Anniversary Pkg 8 Protector, Center¶ (a)

Page 14: Quarter Glass, Luggage Lid, Rear Spoiler

MAZDA 323/PROTEGE 1990-94 Speaker, Radio (b) R/L 0000-81-090A-01 1 Shell, Gate (b) Order by Application w/Spoiler BS22-62-020M w/o Spoiler w/Rear Wiper BR94-62-020K QUARTER GLASS w/o Rear Wiper BR93-62-020K Nameplate «Mazda» Light Gold B455-51-711A-71 Light Gray B455-51-711A-85 Dark Gray B455-51-711A-86 «Mazda 323».

Page 15: Rear Suspension

MAZDA 323/PROTEGE 1990-94 LIFTGATE Cont’d 92-95 R B596-26-280B L BC1D-26-290A 7 Shield, Splash Insert, Wiper¶ Disc Brakes 90-91 R/L BR74-26-261A To 8-1-94 B499-67-331 92-95 R/L B613-26-261A From 8-1-94 B467-67-331 Hose, Brake ¶Included w/Wiper Blade Assy Drum Brakes R/L B455-43-810C 27 Arm, Wiper.

Page 16: Rear Body, Fuel Tank, Rear Lamps

MAZDA 323/PROTEGE 1990-94 Spacer, Stabilizer¶ R/L G030-28-158 w/Warning Switch BS42-60-960 ¶Included w/Stabilizer Bar Assy w/o Warning Switch B617-60-960 R B530-60-960B 24 Bushing, Bar R/L B459-34-156A L B528-60-970A 25 Bracket, Bar R/L E016-28-15YB 13 Pump Assy, Fuel 26 Crossmember Assy, Suspension.

Page 17: License Lamp

MAZDA 323/PROTEGE 1990-94 L 8BB1-51-560 REAR LAMPS Cont’d 2 Socket & Wire¶ R/L BR70-51-554 3 Bulb¶ R/L 0000-11-0194 ¶Included w/Lamp Assy COMBINATION LAMP REFLECTOR LAMP HATCHBACK 1990-91 Cont’d 3 Lens & Body¶ (a) R B467-51-151 L B467-51-161 4 Gasket¶ (a)

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Summary of Contents for Mazda 323 Protege

Page 1: Front Bumper, Grille

WHEEL . 303 WINDSHIELD. 308 SPECIAL CAUTIONS FOAM FILLER Mazda advises that each pillar has a foam rubber filler inside to improve 1 Grille Assy¶ BC1M-50-710D-PT quietness. Take care not to cut and join in these areas. If the foam rubber ¶White listed, Order by Application.

Page 2: Front Lamps, Hood, Side Marker Lamp, Park Lamp

MAZDA 323/PROTEGE 1995-98 J4 Passion Rose; PT Chaste White; SU Classic Red; GRILLE Cont’d SIGNAL LAMP VQ Noble Green; 29 Sparkle Green; 69 Solemn Blue; 4F Champagne Silver; 6Z Thunder Gray 8 Fastener, Moulding (b) R/L BC1M-50-715 SEDAN (b) Included w/Headlamp Moulding Assy.

Page 3: Cooling, A/c /heater

MAZDA 323/PROTEGE 1995-98 7 Cushion Assy, Rear R/L BC1M-56-78XA w/ A/C 1.5L Eng B6BF-15-811 8 Clip, Cushion¶ R/L UB39-56-741A 1.5L Eng 1.8L Eng BPD3-15-811 ¶Included w/Rear Cushion Assy Z501-15-035 7 Pipe, Condenser 95-96 BC1M-61-465 Canada-Serviced by Components 97-98 BC1M-51-465B 9 Latch, Hood BC1D-56-62X 1.8L Eng-Serviced by Components.

Page 4: Front Fender, Front Inner Structure, Underhood Dimensions, Air Bag System

MAZDA 323/PROTEGE 1995-98 A/C /HEATER Cont’d Sedan «DX» Gray Metallic R/L BC4C-51-761-80 Silver Metallic R/L BC4C-51-761-85 «LX» Gray Metallic R/L BC5A-51-761-80 Silver Metallic R/L BC5A-51-761-85 «ES» Gray Metallic R/L BD0G-51-761-80 Silver Metallic R/L BD0G-51-761-85 «SE» Gray Metallic R/L N.A. Silver Metallic R/L N.A.

Page 5: Cruise Control System, Abs/brakes, Front Suspension & Wheel

MAZDA 323/PROTEGE 1995-98 2 Actuator¶ BC1F-66-314 CRUISE CONTROL SYSTEM 3 Pipe, Vacuum¶ BC1F-66-361 4 Bracket, Actuator¶ BC1F-66-3A1A 1995-96 ¶Included w/Actuator Assy 5 Cable, Cruise BC1F-66-31Y 6 Computer, Cruise BC1F-66-320G WHEEL STEEL WHEEL w/Cruise Control BC5A-66-CS0 w/o Cruise Control BC5E-66-CS0 ¶Included w/Combination Switch Assy-listed in Steering.

MAZDA 323/PROTEGE 1995-98 FRONT SUSPENSION Cont’d L B02B-34-350E 1997-98 R F066-25-500R-0C 1997-98 L F069-25-600R-0D 13″ Wheels R B02B-34-300E Rotor, ABS Sensor¶ 3 Hub Assy R/L B01A-33-060A L B02B-34-350E 1.5L Eng R/L BC4C-33-471 4 Bolt, Hub¶ R/L B01Y-33-062 14″ Wheels R BE7B-34-300A 1.8L Eng.

Page 7: Steering Pump, Engine/trans

MAZDA 323/PROTEGE 1995-98 1.8L Eng 1.5L Eng 1995-Serviced w/Intermediate Shaft Assy To 10-1-94 BC1D-32-683 1996-98 From 10-1-94-Not Applicable Man Trans FA08-25-741A 1.8L Eng BC1D-32-683 Auto Trans F047-25-741A 10 Pipe, Return 95-96 B01C-32-410C 10 Seal, Dust Outer (c) 95 G560-25-742 97-98 B01B-32-410.

Page 8: Air Cleaner, Engine/trans Mounts

MAZDA 323/PROTEGE 1995-98 ENGINE/TRANS MOUNTS ENGINE/TRANS Cont’d 1.8L ENG 1.5L ENG Cont’d 1 Mount, Engine Front BC1F-39-060C Brkt, Front Engine Mount 2 Upper B02B-39-061 Lower Right Side 1.5L Eng BC1D-39-030D 1.8L Eng BC1F-39-030C Left Side 1.5L Eng BC1D-39-035A 1.8L Eng BC1F-39-035A 1 Cap Assy, Oil Filler¶.

MAZDA 323/PROTEGE 1995-98 Sedan BATTERY 1995 Z544-40-100A 1996 Z544-40-100A 1997-98 w/Calif Emission Z544-40-100A w/o Calif Emission Z550-40-100B 1.8L ENG 1 Battery 0000-80-026R-WB Cable, Positive N.A. Cable, Negative BC1D-67-EW1B 2 Tray, Battery BC1D-56-040B 3 Nut, Clip 95-96 FA01-50-054 4 Bolt, Clamp.

Page 10: Wiper System, Windshield, Cowl & Dash, Instrument Panel

Gray BC1D-60-350D-09 2 Base, Mirror¶ BC1C-69-240 w/Level Indicator N.A. 2 Garnish, Inst Pnl¶ R/L B01J-60-724 ¶Included w/Mazda Windshield Glass Assy w/o Level Indicator N.A. ¶Included w/Instrument Panel Assy 3 Dam, Windshield B481-50-894 12 Cap, Washer Tank¶ B455-67-483 3 Garnish, Inst Panel.

Page 11: Center Console

MAZDA 323/PROTEGE 1995-98 14 Ventilator Assy, Passenger Brown BC1D-64-720-90 Gray BC1D-64-720-09 15 Louver, Ventilator (a) BC1D-64-71XA (a) Included w/Passenger Ventilator Assy 16 Panel Assy, Glove Box w/Air Bag Brown BC1D-64-260B-90 Gray BC1D-64-260B-09 w/o Air Bag 1995 Brown BC5E-64-260A-90 Gray BC5E-64-260B-09.

MAZDA 323/PROTEGE 1995-98 CENTER CONSOLE Cont’d FRONT FLOOR 1995-96 Cont’d 17 Insulator, Floor¶ Man Trans B455-68-643B 18 Brkt, Rear Console¶ BC1D-64-416 19 Boot, Brake Lever¶ w/Rear Lid BC1G-64-432A w/o Rear Lid BC1D-64-432 20 Cover, Hole¶ Brown R BC1F-55-225-90 L BC1E-55-225-90.

Page 13: Front Seat, Rear Seat, Seat Belts

MAZDA 323/PROTEGE 1995-98 Brown R BC1D-68-710B-90 L BG9V-88-160A-09 SPLIT BENCH L BC1D-68-720B-90 LX Model 95-96 R BC1M-88-110-60 Gray R BC1D-68-710B-09 L BC1M-88-160B-60 L BC1D-68-720B-09 97-98 R BG1S-88-110A-09 6 Plate, Rear Scuff L BG1S-88-160A-09 Brown R BC1D-68-730A-90 ES Model 95-96 R BC1P-88-110-60.

MAZDA 323/PROTEGE 1995-98 SEAT BELTS Cont’d FRONT DOOR INTERIOR TRIM 1995-96 SHEET METAL FRONT SEDAN 1 Shell Assy, Door Hatchback R/L N.A. Sedan R BG1N-58-020B L BG1N-59-020B 2 Panel, Door Repair¶ Belt, Seat¶ Hatchback R/L N.A. 1 Retractor Side Sedan.

MAZDA 323/PROTEGE 1995-98 24 Fastener¶ Upper R/L BC1D-58-763 Lower (19/Side) R/L BC1D-58-763 ¶Included w/Weatherstrip Assy 25 Welt, Seaming Hatchback R/L N.A. Sedan R/L BC1D-68-911-2 GLASS & PARTS Power L BG1S-68-450E-90 Hatchback R/L N.A. Gray Sedan R BC1E-58-310F To 11-97 R BG1S-68-420E-09.

Page 16: Interior Trim

MAZDA 323/PROTEGE 1995-98 REAR DOOR Cont’d EXTERIOR TRIM Cont’d L BC1M-50-670B 2 Garnish Assy, Rear Door R BC1M-50-M30 L BC1M-50-M40 3 Gasket, Garnish Upr¶ R/L BC1M-50-M37 4 Gasket, Garnish Lwr¶ R/L BC1M-50-M38 5 Clip, Garnish¶ R/L BC1M-50-M38 L G030-59-315 ¶Included w/Rear Door Garnish Assy L BG1S-68-550H-09 ¶Included w/Door Lock Knob Assy.

Page 17: Overhead Console, Back Window

MAZDA 323/PROTEGE 1995-98 3 Run, Channel R BC1D-72-605 Sedan 95 BC1S-68-030D-08 9 Guide, Rail L BC1D-73-605 96-98 B02B-68-030E-08 Hatchback N.A. 4 Guide, Glass R BC1D-72-603A w/o Sunroof Sedan BC1S-69-850 L BC1D-73-603A w/Spot Lamp 95 BC1M-68-030F-08 10 Deflector BC1S-69-880 5 Regulator, Manual.

Page 18: Quarter Panel

MAZDA 323/PROTEGE 1995-98 BACK WINDOW Cont’d 2 Mudguard R/L N.A. INTERIOR TRIM 97-98 B16A-63-930A HATCHBACK 2 Clip, Glass¶ R/L FB01-63-959 ¶Included w/Back Window Glass Assy 3 Spacer, Upper (3) C001-50-897 4 Spacer, Lower R/L BC1M-50-891 5 Dam, Back Window NA01-50-894A.

Page 19: Quarter Glass, Luggage Lid

MAZDA 323/PROTEGE 1995-98 L BC1D-68-260E-90 EXTERIOR TRIM Gray R BC1D-68-250E-06 L BC1D-68-260E-06 2 Trim, Side-See Rear Body Section QUARTER GLASS 1 Glass, Quarter Mazda R/L N.A. LUGGAGE LID SHEET METAL 5 Clip, Spoiler Outer (a) R/L B459-51-958 6 Protector, Spoiler (a) R/L B631-51-967 1 Spoiler Assy, Rear¶.

Page 20: Fuel Tank, Rear Suspension

MAZDA 323/PROTEGE 1995-98 Drum Brakes 1995 R/L 9YA0-21-207 LIFTGATE Cont’d w/ABS R BC1M-26-280B 1996-98 R/L B455-28-116 L BC1M-26-290B w/o ABS R BC1D-26-280A GLASS & PARTS Cont’d L BC1D-26-290A 11 Shield, Splash ¶Included w/Glass Bracket Assy Disc Brakes R/L B613-26-261A 10 Dam, Lower Glass N.A.

Page 21: Rear Body, Rear Lamps

MAZDA 323/PROTEGE 1995-98 w/o Calif Emission BR70-42-920 INTERIOR TRIM 1997-98-Serviced w/Check Valve 15 Valve, Vapor (2) BC1M-42-980A SEDAN 16 Tank, Fuel 1995-96 w/Calif Emission BC1M-42-110B w/o Calif Emission BC1F-42-110B 1997-98 BC1M-42-110B 17 Insulator, Fuel Tank BC1M-42-740C 18 Strap Assy, Fuel Tank.


This is the COMPLETE official full factory service repair manual from MAZDA for the both the 323 and PROTEGE vehicles. Production model years 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003. All styles covered. 1284 pages allow you to print it out in its entirety or just the pages you need!!

These manuals are your number one source for repair and service information. They are specifically written for the do-it-yourselfer as well as the experienced mechanic. Using this repair manual is an inexpensive way to keep you vehicle working properly. Each manual provides step-by-step instructions based on the complete disassembly of the machine. It is this level of detail, along with hundreds of photos and illustrations, that guide the reader through each service and repair procedure.

* Detailed substeps expand on repair procedure information

* Notes, cautions and warnings throughout each chapter pinpoint critical information.

* Numbered instructions guide you through every repair procedure step by step.

* Bold figure number help you quickly match illustrations with instructions.

* Detailed illustrations, drawings and photos guide you through every procedure.

* Enlarged inset helps you identify and examine parts in detail.

* Numbered table of contents easy to use so that you can find the information you need fast.

* This manual also makes it easy to diagnose and repair problems with your machines electrical system. Troubleshooting and electrical service procedures are combined with detailed wiring diagrams for ease of use.

Complete download comes in pdf format which can work under all PC based windows operating system and Mac also. It saves to your hard-drive and can be burned to CD-ROM. All pages are printable. No need to pay for shipping and wait for the overpriced paper textbook or CD-ROM to arrive via snail mail.


MAZDA 323 AND PROTEGE FACTORY SERVICE REPAIR MANUAL 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 90 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 99 00 01 02 03 FSM SHOP WORKSHOP DOWNLOAD MAZDA 323 AND PROTEGE FACTORY SERVICE REPAIR MANUAL 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 90 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 99 00 01 02 03 FSM SHOP WORKSHOP DOWNLOAD

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This is the COMPLETE official full factory service repair manual from MAZDA for the both the 323 and PROTEGE vehicles. Production model years 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003. All styles covered. 1284 pages allow you to …
2014-03-11 14:41:34
Years 96 MAZDA 323 SERVICE MANUAL AND PROTEGE REPAIR MANUAL 1990-2003 Mazda Protege 2002 Workshop Service Manual / Repair Manual Mazda 323 Protege 1996 Car Workshop Manual / Repair Manual / Service Manual download Mazda 323 Protege 2002 Car Workshop Manual …
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The Auto Chanel
We are ready to help you find … new Mazda 323 genuine part. FYI: Junkyards and auto salvage yard dismantle whole assemblies such as Dash Wiring Harness, Quarter Window Motor, Camshaft, Shock Absorber, Intercooler, Convertible Top Motor, Molding, Fender …
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This is THE best car ever. Cost me about $15,000, is over 10 years old and has had no mechanical problems whatsoever. The most annoying thing is that I’ve had to replace both rear door lock motors and the front headlamps keep burning out but that’s it. It …
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Mazda 323 & Protege for Mazda 323 & Protege (90-03) Haynes Repair Manual

Complete coverage for your Mazda 323 and Protege covering all Mazda 323 and Protege (1990 thru 2003) (Does not include information specific to 4WD or turbocharged models):
Routine Maintenance
Tune-up procedures
Engine repair
Cooling and heating
Air Conditioning
Fuel and exhaust
Emissions control
Suspension and steering
Electrical systems
Wiring diagrams

With a Haynes manual, you can do it yourself…from simple maintenance to basic repairs. Haynes writes every book based on a complete teardown of the vehicle. We learn the best ways to do a job and that makes it quicker, easier and cheaper for you. Our books have clear instructions and hundreds of photographs that show each step. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, you can save big with Haynes!
—Step-by-step procedures
—Easy-to-follow photos
—Complete troubleshooting section
—Valuable short cuts
—Color spark plug diagnosis

Mazda 323 & Protege for Mazda 323 & Protege (1990-2003) Haynes Repair Manual

Does not include information specific to 4WD models or turbocharged models

Chapter 1: Tune-up and routine maintenance
Chapter 2: Part A: Engines
Chapter 2: Part B: General engine overhaul procedures
Chapter 3: Cooling, heating and air conditioning systems
Chapter 4: Fuel and exhaust systems
Chapter 5: Engine electrical systems
Chapter 6: Emissions and engine control systems
Chapter 7: Manual and automatic transaxles
Chapter 8: Clutch and driveaxles
Chapter 9: Brakes
Chapter 10: Suspension and steering systems
Chapter 11: Body
Chapter 12: Chassis electrical system
Wiring Diagrams

Mazda 323 2003 инструкция

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    • Мазда премаси замена задних сайлентблоков Mazda Premacy SS Edition › Бортжурнал › Замена сайлентблоков задних продольных рычагов Есть у Premacy один неприятный момент — для ее задней подвески не производится сайлентблоков приличного качества. Это касается и продольных и поперечных рычагов. Оригинальные можно купить только рычаги […]
    • Какое масло лить в мазду 6 gh Mazda 6 R/E/D › Бортжурнал › Мазда 6 2,0(LF) vs Масло Всем ПРИВА!Сегодня я хочу поделиться своими наблюдениями о испробованных масла в двигатель LF Mazdza 6. Ни для кого не секрет что такие двигатели часто являются "масложёрами" =))))) Да, масложёр болячка, да блок цилиндров слабый — […]
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    • Ремонт ручника мазда 626 Трос ручника для MAZDA 626 (II, III, IV, V) Пожалуйста, выберите все параметры вашего автомобиля, чтобы мы смогли отобразить трос ручника именно под ваше авто. Начните с выбора автомобиля: Выбор автомобиля позволяет отобразить только те запчасти, которые подходят к вашему автомобилю. […]